Industrialised Building System

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Fibre Cement Boards

The innovative and ideal building materials that are ideal building materials that are commonly used in the construction of Industrialized Building System (IBS).

Industrialized Building System (IBS)

Industrialised building system (IBS) is a term used in Malaysia, (commonly known as “Pre-fabrication” construction in the
other parts of the world) referring to a technique of construction whereby components are manufactured in a controlled
environment, either on site or off site, placed and assembled into construction works.

The implementation of IBS minimizes many technical glitches and limitations that are constrained within the conventional in-situ building method. The advantages of IBS include faster construction time, cost savings, less man hours for construction, less room for errors and etc.

The Malaysian Government had piloted many programs and promotions to encourage the adoption of IBS by builders, contractors as well as developers over the years. The government understands the urgency and need to ensure that the construction industry is not restraining from the technological advancement of construction methods used by the forward-thinking nations worldwide.

IBS houses overseas
Overseas IBS houses

Fibre Cement Boards/ Solution: The New Norm

Fibre cement board is the an innovative and ideal building materials that are ideal building materials that are commonly used in the construction of Industrialized Building System (IBS). Fibre cement board covers the exterior and interior applications of a building in both residential and commercial properties.

Acceptance of IBS is on the uptrend as the system is noted to be more versatile, consistent and significantly require less time to implement and with greatly reduced activities at the construction site which in turn provides cost savings to the builders. In other words, the IBS is created and designed based on the current socio-economic condition in mind, giving all stakeholders the flexibilities to construct their desired shelters as a whole.

The IBS is widely adapted in most of the developed countries like Australia, US, UK and Japan as the technology behind it is deemed to be more sustainable, making it a superior alternative when being equated to conventional construction. Common bits and pieces that are looked into involves criteria such as; time savings, cost-effectiveness, consistencies, durability, logistics and the ability for mass production.

Cost Effective

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Fire safe materials

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fast and easy construction

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Green label material

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Pre-Constructions Platform