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Special Features

Light Gauce Steel

Uses high-quality Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Framing. Eliminates conventional columns, beams, stiffeners and lintels.

Easy to Install

Comes with pre-punched section for electrical and plumbing services inside the walls. Components prefabricated to form wall panels in the factory.

Quality Materials

Cold Form Steel Coils folded into ‘C’ and ‘U’ shape profiles. Steel thicknesses ranging from 0.75mm to 1.20mm. Corrosion protection from alloy coating.

Benefits & Advantages

Lightweight and Durable

light gauge steels are made in a stringent manufacturing environment whereby the tolerance for straightness is close to 100%, making them extremely heavy-duty and sturdy when used correctly.


LGS has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is strong enough to support a large load whilst being lighter than timber and concrete, mkaing it ideal choice for low rise & residential buildings.

Dimensional stability

Given the strength and durability of steel, it won’t be easily distorted or fail under imposed load. It’s also non-combustible, as opposed to its timber, making it perfect for home constructions.

Speedy Construction

Modular construction is also not affected by weather, ultimately reducing the amount of delays during the construction period.

Environmentally friendly

The accuracy of manufacturing reduces materials wastage, thus environmentally friendly. Chemical treatments for pest are not required.

Easy to Install

Flexible to be used for any house design. Fast and easy to install on-site. Requires less on-site equipment, machinery and transportation.

Installing the superstructure

Simple 5 steps to complete install

Easy Installations for LGS Fames, walls and roof structure (Superstructure)
1. LGS Frames

The high quality LGS frames are produced at the factory

2. Assembly

Pre-assembled frame sections in factory or on-site.

3. Site Preparation

R.C raft foundation slab casting before LGS assembly on site.

4. Easy Logistics

Deliver to the site in modular panels or bundle form.

5. On-site Installation

Only electric drill & screws fixing required.